The coaches recognise how much work the children put in during the winter and we encourage that everyone takes part in as many events as possible. We will never demand that a child must compete but breaking that ‘fear factor’ often leads to great pride in knowing what they have achieved. Seeing lots of smiley faces is what the coaches work for and the parents benefit from. There is a South Central series which offers recognised competition with other clubs.  Chapel Tri club runs two events per year which we regard as the best in the local area.

Triathlon Events




This is the first discipline in a triathlon race. It’s often graded so you will be in a line with your own ability and although the distance gets longer the older you get, you find that the length of time you’re in the pool is about the same. You discover that you have become fitter! There are a number of club members that belong to swimming clubs as well, we support this because you can't spend too much time in the pool!

The second and longest part of the race.  You find yourself mostly on grass which can be hard work especially if the weather gets wet. The larger events are on tarmac and this really gives the athletes the ability to show what they are made of!  Any bike will do but a road or hybrid one is the best. We have a number of bikes for hire if that helps.  If you really enjoy cycling, then we support the cyclocross  events in the winter months.

The last section and this is not always the athletes favourite. It can be really hard work at this point as the gaps between everyone gets bigger, but the finishing line is not far away. Our members regularly compete at cross country events and a number of our athletes run for local running clubs which allows them to compete in track events also.

Upcoming Events

Find out about upcoming events that ChapelTri will be taking part in.  Click on the event for full details.

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Notes for TriStar 2 and above


For more information on Gear Restrictions, click here


If option exists, choose "Draft Legal" to compete in the South Central Series and IRC qualification. For more relaxed environment (including first timers) choose "Non Drafting" For more information on Drafting Rules click here